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Strike King  Kevin VanDam KVD Sexy Shad  Kit

Strike King Kevin VanDam KVD Sexy Shad Kit

An $83 value! A Bass Pro Exclusive! Strike King's Kevin VanDam Sexy Shad Kit is loaded to the hilt with crankbaits, Red Eye shad, jigs and spinnerbaits in several shades of Strike King's hot new Sexy Shad color. Sexy Shad colored baits have been tearing up the pro circuit on the end of Kevin VanDam's line! Manufacturer model #: BPS-SSK. Contents: 18 pieces including a 370 utility box 1 Chartreuse Sexy Shad and 1 Sexy Shad Pro Model crankbait in each of these sizes: Series 1, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5 and Series 6 Three 1/2 oz. Red Eye Shads ? 1 Sexy Shad, 1 Chartreuse Sexy Shad and 1 Chrome Sexy Shad 2 KVD Spinnerbaits 2 KVD Swim Jigs

Bass fishing gear as seen on tv NGC Sports - The World's Leader in Scientific Fishing Lures great fishing gift idea, not sold in bass fishing gear stores!
Bass Fishing Gear: Reels | Shimano Calais DC Reel $ 649.99| Daiwa Steez Casting Reel $ 449.99| All Baitcasting Reels | All Spinning Reels
Buy this ProductAbu Garcia Revo Skeet Reese Baitcasting Reel
One of the lightest aluminum reels in the market and built to Skeet Reese's specifications. As Angler of the Year, Skeet fishes hard and fast. Targeted for the aspiring pro-angler, this reel delivers all the features need to become “Number 1”.

As a professional bass angler I demand the best, when it comes to my equipment. With the new Skeet Reese Revo I have the best! With the added ball bearings and the over sized handle the Skeet Reese Revo is the smoothest most efficient reel that I have ever had my hands on. The Skeet Reese Revo is one of the tools that gives me that winning edge.

Skeet Reese
2007 BASS Angler of the Year

  • Light Weight Design
  • Air Craft Grade Aluminum Spool
  • Infinity Spool II Design
  • 6 pin Adjustable Centrifugal Brake
  • X-Craftic Alloy Frame and Side Plate
  • Carbon Matrix Drag System
  • 10 Stainless Steel HPCR Ball Bearings
  • Black and Yellow Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductQuantum Code Red Casting Reel
    Quantum's Code Red is a totally new high-performacne baitcast reel loaded with features usually found only in the most expensive reels. Available in either right- or left-hand retreive models, Code Red is designed with a comfortable low-profile that comfortably fits the anglers hand.

    Code Red features a 10-bearing drive system, our exclusive ACS™II externally adjustable centrifugal braking, a strong Continuous Anti-Reverse and a MaxCast™ skeletal aluminum spool.

    Code Red also features our Flippin Switch™ allowing an angler to employ flippin' techniques which precisely place baits into tight cover.

  • 10-Bearing drive system
  • ACS™II adjustable centrifugal cast control
  • One-piece, lightweight composite frame
  • Ultralight MaxCast™ skeletal spool
  • Titanium-nitride line guide
  • Flippiin switch Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductVagabond Moonwalk
    In the Moon Walk, Vagabond has produced a bite-sized, weedless, ultra-natural topwater plug that can attract both limits of bass and kicker fish at the same time. Combining the cupped lip of an old-time wobbling plug with a small blade creates a noise that the Japanese describe at “KOPO, KOPO” when retrieved at a slow to medium cadence.

    Available in six highly detailed color patterns, suitable for water from gin clear up to pea soup, the Moon Walk will quickly become your most trusted topwater whenever bass are chasing bait in the shallows, from early spring well into the late fall, and the unique hook design allows you to cast it into the weedy areas where big bass live.

    Body Design: The Moon Walk’s slim body profile features a V-cut bottom that allows the dual-pronged hook to rest flush against the belly – safe from snagging, but ready to impale even a delicately striking bass.

    Hand-Made Eyes: It’s well known that bass are intimidated into striking by naturalistic features, particularly their prey’s eyes. Numerous baitfish have a “false eye” near their tail to fool their predators. But Vagabond has given the Moon Walk a super-natural 3D eye with a black pupil which provides a target and prevents escape.

    Tail Blade: Unlike the tail blade on some other popular topwater lures, the blade on the Moon Walk doesn’t spin – instead, it flaps wildly left and right, banging off the cupped hook eye and providing the frantic sound pattern of a fleeing baitfish. The sounds make it easy for a bass to identify, and the bubble trail and erratic flash that the blade provides allow even neutrally-conditioned bass to track the lure’s path. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductVagabond Wobble King
    The Wobble King may appear to be bulky bait on first examination, but those initial impressions are deceiving. This shad imitator is merely “deeper” than some of the competition, but there’s a reason for this unique design – it provides a wide, flaring, rolling action that closely imitates the desperate lunges of a distressed baitfish.

    Whether it’s used to wake the surface or just below the top, the Wobble King responds well to a wide variety of retrieve speeds. Its rear fixed weight allows it to be cast a mile, even in windy conditions, and prevents rolling when “burned” back to the bait.

    Even a rank beginner can wake this lure by holding the rod tip at 10 to 12 o’clock and providing a slow steady retrieve. In clearer water, this technique will draw up the biggest bass in the lake from depths of up to 25 feet. If that doesn’t work, retrieve it with an exaggerated stop and go technique, causing the lure to flare with each change of direction.

    The key to the Wobble King’s design is its unique lip, which is neither flat nor round. It can be positioned in six different spots—combined with a range of retrieve speeds, it can be worked in an infinitely adjustable combination of wobbling actions.

    Original Hand-Made Eyes: The hand-made eyes on the Wobble King combine a glass sheen with a golden speckled appearance. The color pattern of the eyes rotates from gold to black and back to gold again, making the lure appear scared or injured.

    Hand-Carved Artistry: The Wobble King features incredibly detailed and ultra-artistic facial features never before seen in a fishing lure. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductQuantum Tour KVD Baitcasting Rods
    New for 2009, Quantum introduces the newest member of the PT rod family — Tour KVD. Designed by Elite Series professional angler Kevin VanDam, this series consists of six casting models, with each featuring the perfect blend of lightweight graphite and E-Glass construction. Every parabolic action has been custom-tuned to accommodate a specific task of Kevin's no-nonsense fishing style that involves long casts and errorless execution.

    Tour KVD rods feature quality Fuji® components including ACS reel seats and Hardloy guides with Concept spacing. They also feature a split EVA grip for comfort, a distinctive bright red color and Quantum's proven Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Composite E-Glass construction
  • Comfortable Fuji ACS reel seat
  • Lightweight EVA non-slip spit grips
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Click to Buy
  • NEW
    Bass Fishing Gear: Hats | Booyah Gold Mesh/Flex Fit Hat | Bomber Hat | See All Bass Fishing Hats |
    Buy this ProductZoom Racing Hat
    One size fits all, adjustable strap in the back. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductZoom Black / Yellow Hat
    One size fits all, adjustable strap in the back. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductLucky Craft Clasic Hats
    Lucky Craft Logo Embroidered Fishing Cap. The black caps come with Lucky Craft Logo etched on metal plate with genuine leather strap or gold 3D logo. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductLucky Craft Professional Hat
    Lucky Craft Logo Embroidered Fishing Cap. The black caps come with Lucky Craft Logo etched on metal plate with genuine leather strap or gold 3D logo. Click to Buy

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