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Bass Fishing Tackle Bass Fishing Tackle Bass Fishing Tackle Bass Fishing Tackle Bass Fishing Tackle
Bass Fishing Tackle
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Buy this ProductTrokar Elite Pro Assortment
50 Lazer TroKar hooks neatly organized like the scalpels on a surgeon’s table. Their symmetrical facets glisten as the case is opened to reveal the most potent arsenal of fish-catching instruments available. Careful though, their sharpness is not an exaggeration and you will get bit!!

The TKELITE is comprised of some of the best selling Lazer TroKar hooks and those that were advocated for by the best anglers in the business…the Lazer TroKar Pros.

The following are included (5 hooks each)

  • TK100 (HD Worm) -2/0 & 3/0
  • TK110 (EWG) -3/0 & 4/0
  • TK120 (MagWorm EWG) -3/0
  • TK130 (Flippin) -4/0 & 5/0
  • TK140 (Swimbait) -4/0
  • TK150 (Drop Shot) -1 & 1/0 Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductGamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook
    The new standard in wacky hook designs. Built on Gamakatsu proven Shiner hook, the Wicked Wacky features a durable hand tied weed guard that provides anglers the confidence to throw their wacky rig in and around heavy cover. In addition the Wicked Wacky takes the power drop shot to a new level. Gamakatsu designed the Wicked Wacky with an innovative hollow tube, hand tied on the shank. Simply run the tag end of your line through the tube, tie on your weight, and pitch the Wicked Wacky into the heaviest cover for a whole new power drop shot presentation. 3 per pack. Click to Buy
    NEW 2011
    Buy this ProductLake Fork Wacky Hook & Weight System
    #2 Hook / Small Diameter Ring
    #2 Hook / Small Diameter Ring
    #1 Hook / Large Diameter Ring
    #1 Hook / Large Diameter Ring
    Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductPaycheck Baits The Original Punch Stop
    The Punch Stop is a cone shaped sinker/stopper designed for super lines.

    Punch Stops are packaged in a a 3"x4" resealable bag, 10 stops per ring, 1 ring per package. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductZappu Tungsten Bullet Sinkers
    Zappu Tungsten Bullet Sinkers
    1/4 oz - 4 per pack
    5/16 oz - 3 per pack
    3/8 oz - 3 per pack
    7/16 oz - 3 per pack Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductBullet Weights Tungsten Bullet Weights
    Tungsten has become popular among avid and professional anglers because of its smaller size compared to lead in compatible sizes. Because it is more dense then lead, a tungsten weight is 50 percent smaller in size then a lead counterpart. Many professional anglers have stated that the smaller, denser weight performs better in heavy cover.

    1/16 oz - 6 per pack
    1/2 oz - 2 per pack
    1/4 oz - 3 per pack
    1/8 oz - 4 per pack
    3/16 oz - 4 per pack
    3/8 oz - 3 per pack
    Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Denny Brauer Flippin' Weights
    With their tough, ultra-smooth Duraseal™ finish and super-dense 97% tungsten content, Denny Brauer's Flippin' Weights are ideal for penetrating matted grass, flipping docks and working through wood and vegetation. Insert-free technology allows for greater sensitivity. Discover the Feel® with Tru-Tungsten!

  • 3/8 oz. (3 per package)
  • 1/2 oz. (2 per package)
  • 3/4 oz. (1 per package)
  • 1 oz. (1 per package)
  • 1 1/4 oz. (1 per package) Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Worm Sinkers
    Tru-Tungsten® Worm Weights are environmentally friendly and are manufactured with 96% Tungsten. Our weights are 100% lead free. Since Tungsten is more dense than lead, we are able to manufacture weights that are smaller and harder than lead or brass. Our Tungsten Worm Weights don’t require plastic inserts thus allowing excellent sensitivity and easy pegging. The sensitivity is far superior to lead, brass or steel. Tru-Tungsten Worm Weights will help you catch more fish.

  • 1/8 oz: Unpainted: 4 per pack, Painted: 4 per pack
  • 3/16 oz: Unpainted: 4 per pack, Painted: 4 per pack
  • 1/4 oz: Unpainted: 3 per pack, Painted: 3 per pack
  • 3/8 oz: Unpainted: 3 per pack, Painted: 3 per pack
  • 1/2 oz: Unpainted: 2 per pack, Painted: 2 per pack
  • 3/4 oz: Unpainted: 2 per pack, Painted: 2 per pack
  • 1 oz: Unpainted: 1 per pack, Painted: 1 per pack
  • 1 1/2 oz: Unpainted: 1 per pack, Painted: 1 per pack Click to Buy
  • Bass fishing rods
    Daiwa Steez Trigger Rods - 8' H
    Daiwa Steez Trigger Rods - 7'1'' H
    G.Loomis GLX Trigger Bass Rods - 7'11'' H
    G.Loomis GLX Trigger Bass Rods - 7'5'' H
    G.Loomis GLX Trigger Bass Rods - 7'2'' MH
    Daiwa Steez? Spinning Rod - 6'8'' ML
    Daiwa Steez? Spinning Rod - 7' ML
    Bass Pro Shops Extreme XPS Freestyle Jigging Rod
    Bass Pro Shops  ProLite  Finesse Baitcast Reel
    If your drop shotting for smallmouth bass try the Bass Pro Shops ProLite Finesse Baitcast Reel NEW 2009
    Bass fishing rod & reel combos
    Buy this Producte21 Boyd Duckett Classic Gold Casting Carrot Stix
    Designed by Boyd Duckett, 37th Bassmaster Classic World Champion and Ken Whiting the “Wizard of Rods”, our new Classic Gold series is a striking combination of versatility and performance From its high tech “Stress Free” blank design in high modulus graphite and Nano Cellulose Bio-Fibers to its anodized scandium weight port butt cap the Classic Gold series is on fine piece of fishing equipment. Meticulous attention to detail is paid to the construction of each and every Classic Gold rod as noted by many inherent features, which would typically only be found on custom rods. For example, locking wraps on each single foot guide, guides with no ceramics to crack or fall out, our easy access weight port for personal balancing and our own in house “Maximum Exposure II” split reel seat for the ultimate in blank/hand contact and sensitivity. In terms of performance the Classic God Carrot Stix series exhibits an extremely well balanced combination of lure presentation, castability and overall rod control. As Boyd said, “If this wasn’t the sweetest rod I’ve ever fished with, it wouldn’t have my name on it”.

  • Lite weight high modulus graphite and nano bio-filter blank
  • Lite weight double swaged pac bay guides with TiCH frames and inserts
  • Lock wraps on all single foot guides, both casting and spinning
  • Ultra lite graphite filled “maximum exposure II” split reel seats on both casting and spinning model
  • State of the art “velvet touch” split grip
  • All new non-obtrusive TiCH hook keeper
  • Screw on anodized scandium butt for easy access to blank weight port Click to Buy

    e21 Boyd Duckett Classic Gold Spinning Carrot Stix
  • Power Tackle Grass Mat Special Casting Rods
    Buy this ProductStrike King Sexy Swimmer Swimbait
    Strike King Lure Company, the makers of the popular King Kong, King Shad and Wake Shad jointed swimbaits, is proud to introduce the new Sexy Swimmer to its line-up. The Sexy Swimmer is a double jointed hard plastic swimbait 5” long, weighing 5/8oz. The Sexy Swimmer has no diving lip but is, instead, a slow sinking swimbait designed to be retrieved at various speeds with unbelievable action and attraction to fish. Premium hooks and oval line tie add to the benefi ts of this lure and it is one you will want to make sure you have in your tackle box this spring. Tie on a Sexy Swimmer and catch the biggest monster of your life!

    “The Sexy Swimmer is an awesome addition to our already stout swim bait line-up, ... I am really excited to have these in my arsenal for the 2009 tournaments season, the action is the deal on this bait and I look forward to catching some really big fi sh on this lure.”

    —Kevin VanDam
    2008 Angler of the Year
    Click to Buy
    NEW 2009

    Check out these swimbaits from NGC Sports - The World's Leader in Scientific Fishing Lures not sold in stores.

    Buy this ProductLucky Craft Redemption Spinner Bait
    When 2007 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Skeet Reese, set out to produce the ultimate spinner bait, he had to look no further than his own backyard. Together, Reese and Lucky Craft designed a unique spinner bait incorporating Lucky Craft's key engineering techniques and creative elements.

    Out of this dream spinner bait comes the Redemption Series, one of the most exciting products to come from Lucky Craft in recent years. The Redemption Series is cutting-edge crank bait technology in a premium spinner bait, and with Reese's ideas and Lucky Crafts engineering prowess, the high performance, unique Redemption Series was born.

    The Redemption Spinner bait has internal tungsten components, a sleek body design featuring Lucky Craft's realistic colors, and bodies that mirror the most popular Lucky Craft crank baits. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Power Bait Crazy Leg Chigger Craw
    NEW Berkley® PowerBait® 4" Crazy Leg Chigger Craw is the same bait that won the 2007 Bassmaster Classic, only BETTER! The Chigger Craw now comes with CRAZY LEGS that greatly enhances the baits action while swimming, or on the drop. This new feature along with the high action Chigger Craw pinchers and the magic of PowerBait® fish attracting scent formula make it completely irresistible to bass. Fish it alone, or as a jig trailer, slow, or fast, and watch the pinchers and crazy legs swim wildly back and forth driving big bass crazy. 4" long, 6 per pack Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductSebile ACast Magic Swimmer - Custom Colors
    The real life action of the magic swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. Its specially designed joints allows for a naturally free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. As it subtly moves through the water its sound chamber emits a discrete chatter. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. This swim-bait is best used with a steady retrieve accented by twitches of the rod-tip. Speed and depth of retrieve are controlled by the angler.

  • Magic Swimmer 95: 3.5" long
  • Magic Swimmer 125: 5" long

    Click here to see more Magic Swimmer colors Click to Buy

  • Buy this ProductRoboworm EZ Shad Swimbait
    Roboworms new EZ- Shad Swimbaits are designed around 5/0 weighted offset shank hook. For best results use a 1/4 oz. hook. 3 per pack Click to Buy
    NEW 2009
    Buy this ProductPlano 4880 XL Kevin Vandam Signature Series Tackle Bag
  • Extra large main compartment for gear storage
  • Easy to clean all weather fabrics
  • Zippered and lined main compartment with 6 mesh pockets
  • Both front and back open to provide easy access to everything stored inside
  • Six zippered pockets and 11 mesh pockets
  • Zippered water-resistant takeaway bag with 4 mesh pockets stows in the front
  • Water-resistant zippers and molded waterproof non-slip rubberized base Click to BuyNEW 2009
  • Buy this ProductDeps B Custom Spinnerbait
    The Deps brand was built into a powerhouse amongst the Japanese tackle industry because of the success of the B-Custom. This bait features strategically placed soldered beads for proper blade rotation and vibration. The head design is constructed so that water pushes out away from the head throwing off a strong vibration and causing the head to roll back and forth. Deps pays special attention to detail with scale pattern blades and 3D eyes. To make sure your favorite trailer stays perfectly in place, the B Custom is equipped with a special wire keeper. This wire bait is not your typical spinnerbait. Try one out and see what you’ve been missing! 5/8oz Double Willow Blades. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductOptimum Furbit the Frog
    In a watery world of look-alike hollow rubber frogs "Furbit the Frog" is a refreshingly individual amphibian. Many other hollow rubber frogs you see out there today look alot like each other, and perhaps Furbit does too. Until you get to its legs! It's two legs are soft supple strips of rabbit fur. Furbit's legs ripple and flutter in a manner that synthetic rubber or plastic legs never will.

    The long soft thin rabbit fur legs flutter and shutter, wriggling in an S-like movement of the two tails. When you move the Furbit in short stops and starts, the hairs on the legs pull out and in like a breathing action. Nothing artificial comes close.

    Furbit has a molded-in belly weight and weighs 5/8 oz. The Furbit also has a ball bearing swivel and colorado spinner blade attached beneath it. The blade adds flash, vibration and best of all causes the Furbit the frog's entire body to tremble. Click to Buy

    Also see Optimum Poppin' Furbit

    Buy this ProductDeps Silent Killer
    After years of testing and experimenting with different combinations of trout baits, deps Co. Ltd released the Silent Killer. Unlike anything out on the market, this bait features a core body that is made out of a hard plastic and has an outer shell covering made from a soft silicon material. This combination of hard and soft material serves multiple purposes. Just like live trout, the Silent Killer has the same feeling when you hold it in your hands; firm on the inside but soft on the outside. When a fish hits the lure, the initial reaction of the fish will be as if it is eating a real trout and will hold onto the bait longer giving the angler an ample time to set the hook. The soft skin acts as a silencer and dims the noise down from the jointed area and also creates a more of a subtly kick back motion while swimming. The Silent Killer has a water through duct between the hard and the soft plastic which helps produce a distinct sound wave attracting fish from great distances. The tail portion is a continuation of the rear joint so it swims more natural in the water producing a nice wake on the surface. The Silent Killer is constructed with long figure eight ringed screws ensuring that the bait will hold up to the meanest of fish. The Silent Killer is ideal for dead sticking, surface waking, or steady subsurface retrieve. This bait is made for the angler that requires the most natural looking, feeling, and swimming trout bait out on the market.

  • Features a core body made out of a hard plastic and has an outer shell covering made from soft silicon. Makes the bait look and feel more natural.
  • The soft skin dims the noise down from the jointed area and also creates a more of a subtly kick back motion.
  • The tail portion is a continuation of the back joint so it swims more natural in the water producing a nice wake on the surface.
  • Made with long figure eight ringed screws ensuring that the bait will hold up
  • Great for dead sticking, surface waking or subsurface retrieving.

    Two Sizes

  • 7" long, 2.5 oz
  • 5.7" long, 1.5 oz Click to Buy

  • Fishing Line:
    Fluorcarbon Fishing Line
    Monofilament Fishing Line
    Power Pro Braided Line
    Sufix Performance Braid
    Sufix Key Lime IGFA Tournament Line
    Gamma Technologies Fluorocarbon Leader / Line
    Berkley FireLine Crystal
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