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Buy this ProductLucky Craft RC Series Wake Action
Several years ago Lucky Craft and legendary bass pro Ruck Clunn teamed up to produce some of the finest crankbaits ever made: the Lucky Craft RC Series. Since then Clunn's square-billed RC Series crankbaits have become hot items on the professional bass fishing tours. Recently, however, Clunn has found a need to have his namesake baits produced in rattling models for extra sound and appeal. Thus, the Rattling RC Series line of baits was born.
  • RC 1.5WK: Length - 2", Weight - 1/2 oz Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductProSwimbaits ProMinnow
    The hottest soft plastic "Swimbait" on the market - superior to all the big names you are using or trying to get. Our ProMinnow is hand poured, hand painted and each bait is hand inspected for quality control. Compare for yourself, check the intricate detail in each exciting color. Our baits have a unique open slot in the bottom for hooking and a hollow cavity for great stability. 5" long, 3 per pack Click to Buy
    NEW 2009

    Buy this ProductProSwimbaits ProFrogger
    Frogs are a natural bait for big bass, right up there with bait fish and crawdads. We have designed the ProFrogger to be versatile and adaptable. The hollow body and unique leg design is incomparable to any frog on the market. It floats, pops and swims. Although an assortment of rigging options are available and used, we suggest a 3/0 straight shank hook to fish the ProFrogger as a surface application. This particular rigging is weed-less and can be fished directly in or around heavy cover, for example, over heavy grass mats, in the tulles or among lily pads.

    If you want a different presentation, weight the holly body with any weight and hook for the desired sinking or depth you want to achieve. The hollow body allows you to add rattles or jig heads. Some rig the ProFrogger with a Carolina rig like it is skimming across the bottom or even a “Bayou” swimming jig head that lets the ProFrogger swim just below the surface of the water. Click to Buy NEW 2009

    Buy this ProductProSwimbaits ProWake
    The ProWake is a unique swimbait and has incredible action. It comes with an insert inside the cavity of the body. You thread your line through the nose into the insert and out the back end then attach a treble hook to the line, then run one of the treble hooks into the body leaving the other two hooks exposed. When the fish takes the bait the hook comes loose and slides away from the ProWake. One of the guides on our prostaff team removes the insert from inside of the body, then fishes it with a weighted 6/0 ¼ ounce hook. He runs the hook up through the nose and back through the body then slightly embedding the tip of the hook back into the top of the body, creating a weed-less bait. By hooking this way he is able to throw the ProWake right into the brush, the stickups, over submerged logs, right into the Lilly pads or grass.

    When you fish the ProWake you will see that this bait has more action than just about any type of swimbait on the market. When you hear people talk about low inertia, this bait, when slow cranked, has great action at the start. When fished at a high speed the ProWake will just increase the tail movement and not roll on its side like so many other swimbaits. Click to Buy NEW 2009

    Bass fishing worms not sold in stores Patented Walking Worm Out Fishes Live Bait: Curls Automatically!
    KickTail XL5 Fire Tiger Single Color 3 Set

    KickTail XL5 Fire Tiger Single Color 3 Set

    Patented KickTail® is the only hard bait that swims like a real fish - with its tail! It out-fished other bait 19 to 4 in Florida bass contest. Uses aerospace technology to mimic a real fish.

    KickTail XL5 Natural Shad Single Color 3 Set
    KickTail XL5 Natural Shad Single Color 3 Set
      Walking Worm 30 Pack -  June Bug
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - June Bug
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - Green Pumpkin Seed
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - Red Shad/Green Fleck
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - Black/Red Fleck
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - Chartreuse
    Walking Worm 30 Pack - Watermelon seed/Red Fleck
    Bite Light 4 Lure - 4 different Models

    Bite Light 4 Lure - 4 different Models

    New, patented hard bait blinks a blood-red light to simulate injury. Strikes are fast and fierce.

    Record Breaking Lure! 30 Day Risk Free Trial! Minnow Jig 24 Pack
    Minnow Jig 24 Pack
    New lure's catch % may be too high for some tournaments!
    Buy this ProductTru-Tungsten Mad Maxx
    The Mad Maxx from Tru-Tungsten takes tournament frog fishing to a new level. A unique pro-drain keeps water out of the frog and keeps you fishing. Tungsten rattles bring fish to the frog in the heaviest of cover. The super strong, super sharp MiHatchii hook was designed to fit Maxx perfectly. The Mad Maxx was designed to be the best frog on the market... Period Click to Buy
    NEW 2009
    Buy this ProductMegabass Deep-X 300
    Deep-X300 is a long anticipated deep-diving crank bait to complete the Deep-X series. The 300 is designed to take care of the frustration many of you have felt with the 200 in terms of the diving depth and its profile size when being pushed. The diving depth of 5m(almost 17 feet) and much larger body size (water displacement) than the 200 and the 100,the 300 will let you invade the depth where lunker fish routinely hide. As with other Deep-X brothers, the 300 is equipped with the Megabass original Multi-way Balancer System (PAT.). That means the 300 will dive almost vertically in order to maximize the effective cranking distance and also responds to every little twitch or jerk you would like to send to the bait. All of the Deep-X series crankbait will let you do the conventional bottom-digging method for creating those strike inducing irregular darting actions. But, what makes the Deep-X series so unique is their mid-water twitch/jerk action, which appeals to the suspending fish relating to the bottom or structure at any depth. The 300 colors are uniquely developed for darker light situations of the deeper water. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductBill Lewis Vibra Trap
    New from Bill Lewis Lures, the Patent Pending Vibra Trap is quite simply the most innovative, technically advanced lure ever made. Created in the Net-X is the result of years of research and design innovation which no other lure even comes close to matching. The Vibra Trap state of the art naturalized appearance is impressive, but it's the dymanic composition of unique design features and functions that put the Vibra Trap in a class by itself. Click to Buy
    NEW 2009
    Buy this ProductLaser Lure Laser Crank Series
    Anglers, Laser enhancement technology is here! Are you ready for some fast action fishing and the ability to win “Dad of the Year” award for your fishing prowess? Have you wanted to win that local bass fishing tournament? If so, get hooked on LASERLURE.

    LASERLURE is a water-activated, computer-controlled laser beam infused into the most realistic, lifelike lure available. Have you ever played with a laser beam and noticed that it creates an intense hunting reaction in your cat or dog? Well, we discovered the same incredible, frenzied reaction with fish. It drives them wild! They chase the laser beam just like Fido does (so much that lasers have been banned from most major aquariums!)

    LASERLURE comes in five different body styles and will produce over 80 hours of rod-bending, heart pumping action. The key is the focused, intense beam of laser light that does not diffuse as other light lure products do. Add the flashy red hooks that mimic an injured fish, the lifelike, detailed body style and 3-D eyes, and it’s a perfect combination for enticing and inducing fish strikes.

    LASERLURE is water-activated for maximum battery life. No switches or battery changes are required. Just tie on a LASERLURE and fish just as you would your favorite lure. This versatile lure is irresistible for both fresh and saltwater fish. Click to Buy

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