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Bass Fishing Frogs
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Sizmic Lures

Sizmic: Its the action that gets more action. On bigger fish, harder to motivate fish, on lakes and rivers all across the country. Sizmic. One of the hottest soft baits on the tournament trail. The unique dangling legs kick up tons of pulsating action. Grooved slot for weedless presentations. Choose from a range of Toads and Pop N Toads plus the new Jungle Toad with Warhead weight for flipping the heaviest cover. Buy Sizmic Fishing Lures Online

River2Sea Dahlberg Diver Frog

River2Sea Dahlberg Diver Frog: For over 100 years anglers have been making lures they hoped would imitate frogs. Many look just like a frog. When theyre sitting still that is. But when put into motion in a dynamic state, most do nothing but skim over the surface like a water ski. Others plow clumsily through the water and attempt to appear alive. They might kind of "look" frog, but they dont DO frog! Until now that is. The Dahlberg Diver Frog does frog. In spades. Give it a pull and it dives, creating a soft bubble chain with its legs kicking behind it just like a real frog. Stop, its legs retract, and it rises slowly until its eyes poke out above the surface. Youll swear it's real. Repeat, but instead of letting it return to the surface, continue to stroke and stop. The legs will kick and retract, kick and retract, swimming exactly like a real frog. NEW 2012

Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog

Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog walks the dog with ease while popping and throwing water. The Paycheck Transporter Frog is equipped with two front legs which not only makes the bait appear more realistic but they also slow the gliding action allowing you to keep it in the strike zone longer. This frog is very well put together and scores high in every element you would look for in a quality frog. The Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog is one that you will want tied on! NEW 2011
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Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx

The Tru Tungsten Mad Maxx frog keel design makes for very easy walk the dog action. Tru Tungsten has equipped this subtle bodied frog with a pro drain to keep the water out. This along with lifelike 3D eyes makes the Mad Maxx a must have for anyone who spends time tossing a frog. Then consider that the Mad Maxx comes loaded with Tungsten Rattles and is equipped with a super sharp Mihatchii double frog hook Frog fishing has just reached a new level. The Mad Maxx was designed by Tru Tungsten pro staffers Greg Hackney, Marty Stone and Mike Iaconelli.
Buy this ProductBoze Sumo Frog
Sumo Frog is the most beautiful life-like looking frog available today, specially designed to catch more fish! Fish over and around weed-beds, lily pads, moss reeds, or other vegetation. It's also effective casting under a pier. If you cut or thin out the skirts, it turns briskly in a walk-the-dog fashion. Keep cool when the fish fish strikes. If you feel it, set the hook! If the fish misses, it will try again. Features exclusive double hook by OWNER. Click to Buy
Sizmic Toad Jr. (3.25) DISCONTINUED / ON SALE: The most versatile Sizmic bait is the Sizmic Toad. The Sizmic Toad Jr. (3.25) can be fished by themselves as topwater baits or jerk baits. Sizmic Toads also make great jig, spinnerbait and buzzbait trailers. Fish cant resist the action and vibration noise created by the Sizmic Toads patented shad legs. The recessed hook cavity prevents hang-ups in heavy cover. The Toad and Toad Jr. are available in many fish-catching colors. They are packed eight baits per bag. High floaters will float a 3/0 hook! Buy Sizmic Toad Jr's Online

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