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Bass Pro Shops Striped Bass Fishing Tackle Striped Bass Fishing Tackle Striped Bass Fishing Tackle Striped Bass Fishing Tackle
Striped Bass Fishing Tackle

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Striper Baits

Lures By Atom: The words “Atom” and “Striper” are pretty much synonymous. Since back in the 40’s when Bob Pond proved that the real striper action comes on the surface with plugs. Today, Atom is still standard issue in any tackle box all up and down the East Coast. We’ve got the full assortment of plugs and spoons in all the proven colors. Atom Lures. If you’re a striper, it’s what’s for dinner. Buy Atom Lures Online

Buy this ProductG. Loomis Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rod
Its the age-old formula... find the moving water and find the fish. Tides and currents - they're the keys to saltwater flyfishing. Where current meets still water or dissimilar currents converge, edges are created and the bait is trapped. It s these edges that flyfishers seek... the "crosscurrents" where fish and fly meet!

Saltwater flyfishing is a passion - it's advantage fish, not angler. A fanatical pursuit with zeal fueled by the degree of difficulty required to reach the ultimate goal. It's fast fish and skinny water for some... big fish and blue water for others. Sometimes it's finesse and long leaders, but most of the time it's brute strength and power! Creating fly rods for such a demanding fishery requires a lot of dreaming and a lot of fishing. The final result is the most advanced and uniquely different series of fly rods ever. Messrs. Pallot, Wejebe, Rajeff and Loomis and a cast of hundreds shared their angling and casting expertise to help us create our new "CrossCurrent" saltwater fly rods. Click to Buy

Striped Bass Fly Rod Models: 9'0'' 3 Piece = FR1089-3CC, 9'9'' 3 Piece = FR1179-3CC, 9'0'' 3 Piece = FR10810-3CC, 9'0'' 1 Piece = FR1089-1CCPRO-1, 9'0'' 4 Piece = FR1088-4CCGLX, 9'0'' 4 Piece = FR1089-4CCGLX, 9'0'' 3 Piece = FR10810-4CCGLX G. Loomis Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rod

Buy this ProductCrowder Sportsman Series Rods
Sportsman Series Rods are designed for the true light-tackle fisherman with aspirations of catching large fish on the lightest tackle possible. These rod blanks are made from 33 million-modulus high strain graphite fiber which allows the rods to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength. The Sportsman Series is composed of Stand-Up, Spin Troll, Spinning, and Casting Rods. The Stand-Up and Spin Troll rods were designed specifically for local sailfish tournament fisherman, however, are capable of taking any species of fish. The Spinning and Casting Rods were designed for snook fishing in the local waters of Stuart and also work great for other large game fish like striped bass, cobia and tarpon.

  • Aftco® pale gold aluminum hardware, which matches most modern, light gold reels.
  • New improved graphite composite blanks with faster tapers.
  • Improved custom style wrapping which is double wrapped and coated.
  • Three new additional models R16SU70, R20SU66, and R20SU70. Click to Buy

  • ClearVue Graphics Window Graphic - 30x65 Striped Bass Light Blue FSH-013-30-65
    ClearVue Graphics Window Graphic - 30x65 Striped Bass Light Blue FSH-013-30-65

    Buy this ProductShimano Torium Baitcasting Reels
    The new Torium reels are built with the angler's needs in mind with increased durability, a 6.2:1 high speed retrieve, and increased freespool for effortless castability. If it's kingfish, striped bass, schoolie tuna, or dolphin, this reel excels during the most heated battles in the harshest climates. The one-piece aluminum diecast frame eliminates any type of side-to-side flex.

    Coupled with Shimano's High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) and power handle, the Torium can turn any head the right way. The new Torium also offers anglers the comfort features of a contoured Septon* handle grip, an oversized cast control knob and clicker button for ease of use. The Torium makes any fishing time an enjoyable experience and puts your mind to rest. Any doubts you have had about your equipment are in the past. If it's hardcore party boat time or free time in the center console, the Torium will make your time on the water memorable. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductKoppers Live Target Golden Shiner
    The Golden Shiner has a wide distribution throughout North America. This popular baitfish is a favorite for Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. This species has also been found in the stomach samples of Muskie, Striped Bass and Trout.

    Koppers has combined a real-life Golden Shiner into the fuselage of a vibration tool to create the ultimate lipless rattle bait.

    The internal composition of the LiveTarget Golden Shiner is perfectly balanced for a ‘retrieve and drop’ style application. Through its powerful harmonic rattles, the vibration calls fish from a distance like a dinner bell and will tantalize gamefish even in the toughest conditions. Click to Buy( New 2009 )

    Buy this ProductRiver2Sea Triho Minnow 180F
    The Triho Minnow is the shallow running version of the Deep Triho Minnow. A big bait for big fish, the Triho Minnow is the lure of choice when saltwater brutes such as tarpon, permit, snook, striped bass, and ulua invade the shallows and flats looking for a meal. 7", 1.5 oz Click to Buy

    Also See: River2Sea Triho Minnow 180F - Exclusive Close Out Colors
      Buy this ProductBomber Jointed Heavy Duty Long A (B16J)
    This Bomber lure 16J will perform just like the 16A with the added movement of a jointed tail. Great for Striped bass, pike and musky fishing lures. 6" 1oz #1/Ohks 15.24cm 28g Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBomber Heavy Duty Long A (B16A)
    Musky, pike & striped bass fishing lures. The Bomber Lures 16A is a shallow-water producer in saltwater and for bigger freshwater game fish. This fishing lure features extra-thick walls for durability and 3X strong hooks to pull in the big ones. 6" 7/8oz #1hks 15.24cm 24.8g. Model: B16A Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductOwner 5179 SSW Inline Circle Hook
    SSW Inline Circle hooks, with a straight eye, plus an in-line shank and hook point that qualifies as tournament legal. Features include an all-purpose medium shank, a super-sharp hangnail point, and a corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Ideal for presenting big baits to husky game fish like striped bass, redfish, and white seabass. Approved for sailfish by the Miami Billfish Association.

    Pocket Packs - 5/0 (7), 6/0 (6), 7/0 (5), 8/0 (5), 9/0 (4). Click to Buy

    Striped Bass
    Striped Bass
    Buy this ProductFlying Fisherman Native Angler Striped Bass HeadWare
    Our Native Angler designs have been masterfully embroidered on comfortable, pigment dyed cotton caps that are field tested in the Florida Keys for performance and effectiveness.

  • Removable Terry Cloth Sweatband in All Caps
  • Comfortable, Pigment Dyed Cotton
  • Exceptionally Detailed Embroidery
  • Pre-Cupped, Longer Bill For Maximum Protection
    Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductFlying Fisherman Striped Bass T1584 Long/Short Sleeve T-Shirts
    Darker colored clothing offers more protection from harmful ultra violet rays.

  • 100% cotton, generously cut
  • Double stitching on the neck, sleeve and hem
  • These are pigment dyed
  • Available in the color willow only
  • Available in M - XXL
    Click to Buy

  • C&K Saltwater Fishing Tackle offers a full line of Chesapeake Bay striped bass fishing tackle. Tackle Cove offers custom striped bass fishing tackle and custom built striped bass fishing rods.      

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