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Buy this ProductQuantum Smoke PT Baitcasting Reels
The lightest all metal PT reel ever. The new Quantum Smoke PT series are the lightest-weight PT baitcast reels we've ever made. Using new materials and technologies, Quantum engineers have pushed the limits of performance and durability in a super-light, all-metal, all-new design.

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Buy this ProductQuantum Antix Baitcasting Reels
The avid angler will appreciate the wide array of performance features built into the Antix series. Anchored by its sturdy one-piece machined aluminum frame, Antix reels will provide years of rock solid performance.

  • 10 Stainless steel bearing system (9 + Clutch)
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Dual cast control systems: DynaMag and ACS
  • Quick-release side cover Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductQuantum Code Baitcasting Reels
    With an impressive list of features, you'll appreciate the price tag on Code reels. With a high bearing count, Micro ACS I Cast control, and one-piece aluminum frame and metal sidecover, you'll get all the performance features of much more expensive reels.

  • 8 Bearing system (7+ clutch)
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and metal sidecover
  • Micro ACS I adjustable centrifugal cast control
  • Quick-release side cover Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductPflueger Echelon 4LP Baitcasting Reel
  • 5 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Adjustable magnetic cast control to eliminate backlash
  • Reinforced graphite frame and sideplates
  • Machined, ported and anodized aluminum spool
  • Smooth multi-disc main gear applied star drag system
  • Dual soft touch knobs Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductAbu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel
    You’ve never seen a reel like this before. A spinning reel with the lightweight properties of graphite but with the strength of an all metal body just doesn’t come along everyday. The Revo Premier spinning reel provides the best of both worlds in a one-of-a-kind package.

    Our revolutionary new NanoShield™ technology creates parts up to 300% stronger than the same graphite parts and up to 50% lighter than the weight of aluminum. Now you can fish harder all day and never get worn down.

  • 11 HPCR Bearings (with Instant Anti-Reverse)
  • Nano Shielded Body and Spool
  • Sealed Carbon Matrix™ Drag
  • One Piece Aluminum Gear Box
  • Everlast™ Bail System
  • Slow Oscillation
  • Stainless Steel Mainshaft and Hardware Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductDaiwa Exceler-TSH Spinning Reels
    Ultra-fast Exceler TSH reels are not only packed with top performance features, each comes with two different sized spools to let you use a broader range of lines. It's like getting two reels in one.

    Exceler-TSH Features:

  • Fast, 6.2:1 retrieve
  • Digigear
  • 4 CRBB Ball Bearings
  • Twist Buster
  • Washable, waterproof drag with click adjustment
  • Advanced Locomotive Levelwind
  • Includes alternate-size spare aluminum spool for a wider choice of lines Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductPflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel
    The Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reels feature
  • Ultra lightweight magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate
  • Lightweight aluminum spool with carbon arbor
  • 9 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Corrosion resistant bearing in key locations
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Solid aluminum bail wire
  • Sure-click bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and ready to cast
  • Anti-twist titanium line roller
  • Lightweight carbon handle
  • Durable EVA knob
  • Solid titanium main shaft
  • Sealed carbon dray system
  • Convertible left or right hand retrieve
  • On/Off anti-reverse
  • Aluminum spare spool
  • Neoprene protective bag Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductPflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reels
    Pflueger's Supreme XT spinning reels. Come with a protective bag, and spare spool.

  • Ultra lightweight magnesium frame and rotor
  • 9 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Corrosion resistant bearing is in key locations
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Machined, ported and double anodized aluminum spool
  • Braid ready spool
  • Sure-click ball provides an audible signal when ball is fully opened and ready to cast
  • Anti-twist titanium line roller
  • Lightweight carbon handle
  • Durable EVA knob
  • Sealed drag system
  • Convertible left or right hand retrieve
  • On/Off anti-reverse
  • Aluminum spare spool
  • Neoprene protective bag. Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductOkuma Citrix Baitcasting Reel
    Bold, in both design and its 7.3:1 high-speed gear ratio that’s available in both right and left hand retrieve, the Okuma Citrix makes an aggressive statement by itself, and even more so when paired with a matching Citrix rod. The bold strength of Citrix’s Alumilite construction frame, A6061-T6 spool and multi-disc drag is tempered by the smooth handling of an eight bearing drive system, micro-click drag adjustment and ergonomic swept-in handle. Need to gear down for brute strength? Citrix is also available for right-handers in a gear ratio of 5.4:1.

  • ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum frame
  • A6061-T6 machined aluminum, anodized V-shaped spool
  • Multi-disc composite drag system
  • 7BB+1RB bearing drive system
  • Micro-click drag star for precise drag settings
  • External adjustable centrifugal cast control system
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Graphite side plates on both sides
  • Easy change palm side plate access port
  • Ergonomic handle design allows cranking closer to body
  • Zirconium line guide inserts for use with braided line
  • Available gear ratios: 7.3:1 and 5.4:1
  • 7.3:1 gear ratio available in left hand retrieve
  • Citrix reels are backed by a 1-year warranty Click to BuyNEW 2011
  • Buy this ProductWright & McGill Skeet Reese Victory Baitcasting Reel
    Victory Casting reels are every bit the premium product with features that will make landing any fish a breeze. Victory is built on a durable aluminum frame with 10 stainless steel ball bearings, and unlimited anti-reverse for quick hooksets. Victory features a one touch removable aluminum spool through its quick access side plate. Casting is a breeze with its centrifugal anti-backlash braking system, and fish stand no chance with its powerful and smooth Teflon drag system. It features an audible click star drag and precision cut brass gears producing 6.2:1 or a high speed 7.0:1 retrieve speeds. It features an extra large power handle and oversized rubber paddles is available in right & left hand retrieve and weighs only 7.76 ounces; It also comes with a protective neoprene reel case.

    Both the Victory casting and spinning reels come in a rich glossy black and anodized black finish with yellow trim and graphics.

    “Wright & McGill and I feel strongly about providing anglers high quality products that they can afford to fish,” said Reese. “I've been testing these reels, they are what I use on tour, and they will meet the needs and budgets of any angler.”

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    Buy this ProductAbu Garcia Revo STX 2011 Casting Reels
    Abu Garcia is starting a revolution with the new REVO series of low-profile baitcast reels, the fastest low-profile reel Abu Garcia has ever designed. The tough REVO is packed with innovative features, including a Duragear oversized brass main gear for maximum cranking power and the innovative Carbon Matrix Drag System for incredible smoothness across all drag settings. The reel also is designed with aluminum components for light-weight performance and lasting durability.

    The Linear Magnetic Brake system found on the SX and STX models allow anglers a wide range of adjustments to fine tune the reel for any application. In addition, the STX model features an Everslik coated pinion shaft and pawl, which dramatically reduces friction for enhanced casting while improving the durability of these components. The STX also features the innovative Infini Spool II system, which is separated from the drive train, minimizes friction for optimal performance – even with the lightest tackle. Built tough with Abu Garcia’s traditional Swedish engineering, the REVO is ideal for nearly all freshwater applications, from casting crankbaits or spinnerbaits to pitching and flipping softbaits.

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    Buy this ProductAbu Garcia Revo SX 2011 Casting Reels
    The low-profile baitcast reels that started a REVOlution among serious anglers everywhere. These are the reels that are getting all of the "Buzz", and have anglers across the country replacing their beloved Chronarchs and Curados with their new "favorite" fishing reel, the Revo. Why you ask? Anglers will tell you that they are more comfortable in your hand (lower profile), every bit as smooth, have more fish fighting power due to the oversized main drive gear, hold more line, hold up outstandingly in both fresh or salt water, are far less expensive, and most of the Revo family includes a 24 lb. drag system that is 2 to 3 times more powerful than any other reel in their class. All Revos are made from X-Craftic aluminum alloy that provides corrosion resistance unsurpassed in the fishing reel industry. Oh, and did I mention that the Revos are far less expensive? Don't take our word for it. Get yourself a Revo and join the REVOlution. You too will claim it as your own "favorite" fishing reel.

    The new Revo series of low-profile baitcast reels are the finest and fastest low-profile reels that Abu Garcia has ever designed. Heck, these are the finest low profile reels ever designed, PERIOD!

    The low profile frame and side plate of the SX is made of X-Cräftic aluminum alloy. This material is more durable and lighter than regular aluminum and corrosion resistant. Eleven High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) bearings provide the smooth casting with added distance. All SX reels weigh just 8.89 ounces. SX reels hold 140 yards of 12- pound test monofilament fishing line. More than any others in their class. The SX series is available in two speeds, a 6.4:1 version, or a 7.1:1 model and are now available in both right and left-hand models. The high speed 7.1:1 SX reels will sure help anglers with their pitching and flipping presentations as well as burning baits over grass. The Swedish engineered Revo also features Linear Magnetic brakes, Duragear brass gears and synchronized level wind. Salt or fresh, like all Abu Garcia reels, they are "Built for Life".

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