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Thank you for checking out our new crab meat page! Buy crab meat online including Blue crab meat, Dungeness crab meat and King crab meat.

Blue Crab Meat On Sale:

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Maryland Crab Meat Maryland Blue Crab Meat:

Our fresh crabmeat is handpicked from blue crabs harvested from the Chesapeake Bay off the coast of Crisfield, Maryland. Our fresh Maryland blue crab meat is packed by hand into plastic containers. The pasteurized crabmeat comes in hermetically sealed cans. Both are delicious!

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SeaBear Canned Crab Dungeness Crab 2-can Set

Each can contains 6 oz. of sweet, flaky, and moist premier Dungeness crab from our clear, cold Pacific Northwest waters. Great for use in recipes, or straight out of the can tossed on a salad or pasta.

Dungeness Crab Meat From SeaBear, No Refrigeration Required.

Buy Dungeness Crab Meat Online

King crab merus meat is considered the most prized part of a king crab. The merus section is the huge flank of crab meat that is extracted from the largest section in each leg. If you're interested in the very best of king crab, then this is for you.

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Pure Alaska king crab meat. A prized delicacy for its sweet flavor, tender texture and snowy-white meat. Excellent for soups, chowders, salads, and a variety of gourmet recipes. If you just love king crab and need it around for appetizers and gourmet entrees, this is the ticket for you. Individually sealed packages of pure king crab meat. Just thaw and add to your favorite recipe.

Buy Alaska King Crab Meat Online

SeaBear Smokehouse - Canned Dungeness Crab

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