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Thank you for checking out our new Alaskan seafood page! Buy Alaskan seafood online including Alaskan Salmon, Alaskan King Crab and Alaskan Snow Crab.

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Buy Wild Alaska Salmon Online:

All of our wild salmon is handled with exceptional care from catch to delivery. Additionally, all of our salmon is caught within Alaska's icy pure waters and 100% wild and natural. We work closely with Alaska's salmon fishermen to ensure that each wild salmon is well iced at catch. We provide our local fishermen with ice & totes, along with information on handling and the values of keeping salmon at chilled temperatures after catch. Once the wild salmon reach our processing facility, only hours after catch, they are immediately filleted, deboned, and flash frozen to capture optimal quality.

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Alaskan King Crab:

Fresh Alaska Blue King Crab
Frozen Alaskan Red King Crab
Frozen Alaskan Blue King Crab
Frozen Giant Red King Crab
Split Red King Crab Legs
Whole Cooked Alaskan Red King Crab

Buy Alaska King Crab online, shipped overnight right to your home or business.
Alaskan Snow Crabs:

Talk about some sweet crab! This is not your typical snow crab. It is much larger and exceptionally flavorful. These giant Bairdi snow crab legs and claws are filled with snowy white meat that is absolutely delicious.

Buy Giant Alaska Snow Crab Online...
Buy Alaskan Crab Cakes Online:

Just love the taste of Alaskan crab? Try our Alaskan crab cakes. Our Alaskan crab cakes are hand made in-house to capture the finest quality and the most remarkable flavor. All of our Alaskan crab cakes are deliciously prepared with recipes that have been tried and true. Perfect for any appetizer, our Alaskan crab cakes are sure to have you coming back time and time again.

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Alaskan Scallops:

Jumbo Alaska Scallops - If you are a scallop aficionado you will love the sweet, all-natural Jumbo scallops from Alaska's icy waters.

Large Alaska Scallops - These plump, succulent Alaskan scallops are renowned for their sweet taste and high quality.

Medium Alaska Scallops - Served in some of the finest restaurants throughout the world and it's easy to see why. They are some of the most delicious ocean delights you will ever taste.

Bacon Wrapped Alaska Scallops - If you're looking to impress your dining guests, these extremely tasty scallops are a sure winner. They're so juicy, you'll need some extra napkins as you're devouring them.

Buy Alaskan Scallops Online...
Alaska Spot Shrimp:

The icy, pure waters of Alaska produce some of the sweetest shrimp in the world. Foodies who are "in-the-know" prefer the sweet, firm meat of coldwater shrimp to their farmed & imported counterparts. Our delicious spot shrimp and sidestripe shrimp are wild-caught. Try our Alaskan shrimp, and you will become hooked!

Buy Alaska Spot Shrimp Online...
Alaskan King Crab Merus Meat:

King crab merus meat is considered the most prized part of a king crab. The merus section is the huge flank of crab meat that is extracted from the largest section in each leg. If you're interested in the very best of king crab, then this is for you.

Buy King Crab Merus Meat Online
Alaskan King Crab Meat:

Pure Alaska king crab meat. A prized delicacy for its sweet flavor, tender texture and snowy-white meat. Excellent for soups, chowders, salads, and a variety of gourmet recipes. If you just love king crab and need it around for appetizers and gourmet entrees, this is the ticket for you. Individually sealed packages of pure king crab meat. Just thaw and add to your favorite recipe.

Buy Alaska King Crab Meat Online
Alaskan Halibut:

Alaska halibut is America's favorite whitefish. With its savory, mild flavor and snow-white meat it is not hard to see why. Halibut is versatile, and can be used in any number of ways. Alaskan halibut is sustainably harvested, high in protein, and low in fat.

Buy Fresh Alaska Halibut Online...
Alaskan Black Cod:

Black Cod is truly an amazing fish. Rich in Omega-3 oils, black cod is a natural choice for those heart conscience consumers. It is extremely rich and buttery, and has a delicate white meat that flakes easily.

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